Spelling Bee Contest
S, P, E, L, L, I, N, G… SPELLING. B, E, E… BEE.
Spelling Bee.

Since 1850, the Spelling Bee Contest, a competition in which participants are asked to enunciate the spelling of English words, has been a way of bringing together students from around the world to demonstrate their knowledge of the English language. Over the year text books, TV shows, animated movies, fictional characters, paintings and other media have been created taking the Spelling Bee method as a starting point.

Today there are multiple Spelling Bee matches around the world, not only in the United States, also in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and even in some African and Asian countries such as Bangladesh, showing its international success and cultural popularity.

In English Kingdom we believe that the Spelling Bee Contest is a dynamic and challenging tool that helps students reach their best capacities and allows them to show their skills and expertise on this field. This is why the first week of December we will be hosting this year’s Spelling Bee Contest.

Norman Rockwell, Cousin Reginald Spells Peloponnesus, 1918.

Information about Spelling Bee from Wikipedia.

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