Jean-Louis Corby, Duo. Cortesía de CASART París.



by Charles Baudelaire

Poems taken from public-domain-poetry.com.

Music doth uplift me like a sea
Towards my planet pale,
Then through dark fogs or heaven’s infinity
I lift my wandering sail.

With breast advanced, drinking the winds that flee,
And through the cordage wail,
I mount the hurrying waves night hides from me
Beneath her sombre veil.

I feel the tremblings of all passions known
To ships before the breeze;
Cradled by gentle winds, or tempest-blown

I pass the abysmal seas
That are, when calm, the mirror level and fair
Of my despair! 

Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867) was a French poet, essayist and art critic.

Poems taken from public-domain-poetry.com.

 Jean-Louis Corby, Dancer I (Bailarin I), 2007. Cortesía de CASART París.

The Change Has Come

by Paul Laurence Dunbar

 Jean-Louis Corby, Balance I (Equilibrio I), 2001. Cortesía de CASART París.

The change has come, and Helen sleeps—
Not sleeps; but wakes to greater deeps
Of wisdom, glory, truth, and light,
Than ever blessed her seeking sight,
In this low, long, lethargic night,
Worn out with strife
Which men call life.

The change has come, and who would say
“I would it were not come to-day”?
What were the respite till to-morrow?
Postponement of a certain sorrow,
From which each passing day would borrow!
Let grief be dumb,
The change has come.

Paul Laurence Dunbar (1872–1906) was an American poet, novelist, and playwright. He was one of the first African-American writers to establish an international reputation.

Moving On 

by Banjo Paterson (Andrew Barton)

In this war we’re always moving,
Moving on;
When we make a friend another friend has gone;
Should a woman’s kindly face
Make us welcome for a space,
Then it’s boot and saddle, boys, we’re
Moving on.

In the hospitals they’re moving,
Moving on;
They’re here today, tomorrow they are gone;
When the bravest and the best
Of the boys you know “go west”,
Then you’re choking down your tears and
Moving on.

Andrew Barton ‘Banjo’ Paterson (1864–1941) was an Australian poet, journalist and author. He wrote many ballads and poems about Australian life.

 Jean-Louis Corby, Danseur Africain (Bailarín africano). Cortesía de CASART París.

Move Eastward, Happy Earth, And Leave

by Alfred Lord Tennyson


 Jean-Louis Corby, Danseur Samarkande Bleu (Bailarín maracandés azul), 2001. Cortesía de CASART París.

Move eastward, happy earth, and leave
Yon orange sunset waning slow:
From fringes of the faded eve,
O, happy planet, eastward go;
Till over thy dark shoulder glow
Thy silver sister-world, and rise
To glass herself in dewy eyes
That watch me from the glen below.

Ah, bear me with thee, smoothly borne,
Dip forward under starry light,
And move me to my marriage-morn,
And round again to happy night. 


Alfred Tennyson also known as Baron Tennyson (1809 – 1892) is one of the most popular British poets. Much of his work is based on classical mythological themes and takes the form of short lyrics.

Jean-Louis Corby es un escultor parisino, actualmente residiendo en la Provenza francesa. Sus figuras de individuos sin un género en particular, representan la duplicidad y complejidad de la naturaleza humana, la universalidad e individualidad expresadas en el mismo ser. casart.fr/corby/catalogue.php 

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