All artworks: Sebastian Magnani, From the series Reflections. Courtesy of the artist.

by Rodrigo Torres Garcés


Following your dreams is hard. I remember as a child I would constantly say “I’m going to be a painter when I grow up, you’ll see!” Of course, that didn’t happen. I was a kid and I was filled with passion and excitement, the kind of willpower that only children manage to display.

When we grow older, that marvelous feeling fades away. Sometimes we replace it with hate and cynicism, we stop caring and become detached from the world, or at least that was what I thought.

Truth is that those feelings don’t fade away and we do not become spiteful people. The passion for doing things is deep inside us. The motivation to do them is still within. As we grow, those feelings grow with us; they become sharper and we should too.

We need to understand that our minds and thoughts change all the time. 

Passion and motivation complement each other, they work in beautiful harmony. Passion grants us the drive to push, challenge and love every step of the way. Motivation gives us the fuel to really make those things happen, it helps us wake up every morning and say “I can do this, I got this”. 

We need to remember the passion that has drove humanity to the stars, that carried us to explore the depths of the seas, the one that helped us understand what love really is.

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Rodrigo Torres Garcés is an 8th trimester student in campus Cancún.


by Charlotte Brontë

Some have won a wild delight,
By daring wilder sorrow;
Could I gain thy love to-night,
I’d hazard death to-morrow.

Could the battle-struggle earn
One kind glance from thine eye,
How this withering heart would burn,
The heady fight to try!

Welcome nights of broken sleep,
And days of carnage cold,
Could I deem that thou wouldst weep
To hear my perils told.

Tell me, if with wandering bands
I roam full far away,
Wilt thou to those distant lands
In spirit ever stray?

Wild, long, a trumpet sounds afar;
Bid me, bid me go
Where Seik and Briton meet in war,
On Indian Sutlej’s flow.

Blood has dyed the Sutlej’s waves
With scarlet stain, I know;
Indus’ borders yawn with graves,
Yet, command me go!

Though rank and high the holocaust
Of nations steams to heaven,
Glad I’d join the death-doomed host,
Were but the mandate given.

Passion’s strength should nerve my arm,
Its ardour stir my life,
Till human force to that dread charm
Should yield and sink in wild alarm,
Like trees to tempest-strife.

If, hot from war, I seek thy love,
Darest thou turn aside?
Darest thou then my fire reprove,
By scorn, and maddening pride?

No, my will shall yet control
Thy will, so high and free,
And love shall tame that haughty soul,
Yes, tenderest love for me.

I’ll read my triumph in thine eyes,
Behold, and prove the change;
Then leave, perchance, my noble prize,
Once more in arms to range.

I’d die when all the foam is up,
The bright wine sparkling high;
Nor wait till in the exhausted cup
Life’s dull dregs only lie.

Then Love thus crowned with sweet reward,
Hope blest with fulness large,
I’d mount the saddle, draw the sword,

And perish in the charge!

Charlotte Brontë (1816–1855) was an English novelist and poet. Her novels are considered classics of English literature.

To The Butterfly
by Samuel Rogers

Child of the sun! pursue thy rapturous flight,
Mingling with her thou lov’st in fields of light;
And, where the flowers of paradise unfold,
Quaff fragrant nectar from their cups of gold.
There shall thy wings, rich as an evening-sky,
Expand and shut with silent ecstasy!
--Yet wert thou once a worm, a thing that crept
On the bare earth, then wrought a tomb and slept!
And such is man; soon from his cell of clay
To burst a seraph in the blaze of day!  

Samuel Rogers (1763–1855) was an English poet, during his lifetime one of the most celebrated Romantic writers.

Passion Flower
by Victor James Daley

Choose who will the wiser part,
I have held her heart to heart;

And have felt her heart-strings stirred,
And her soul’s still singing heard

For one golden-haloed hour
Of Love’s life the passion-flower.

So the world may roll or rest,
I have tasted of its best;

And shall laugh while I have breath
At thy dart and thee, O Death! 

Victor James Daley (1858–1905) was an Australian poet. His work is an example of the Celtic Twilight in Australian verse.

Sebastian Magnani is a Swiss photographer. He discovered photography whilst training as a media designer more than ten years ago. His dreamy images invite us to get lost in new realities that are so beautifully appealing. www.sebastianmagnani.com | Instagram @sebastianmagnani

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